Is Parenting Difficult?

I used to believe that parenting was one of the most difficult things a person could do. Now I think I need to amend that thought. Single parenting is one of the most difficult things people have to do. Our society, culture, government, people make it easy to abandon their children; to stop providing for them.

People without alarm clocks (see Wednesday’s post) are going around humping like rabbits, procreating, and they’ve never had a sense of responsibility in their lives. Not for themselves and certainly not for anyone else. How are they supposed to handle the responsibility of creating life.

And what are the repercussions? Back 20-30-40 years ago, a mother or father who abandoned their baby was shunned by society. Labeled a deadbeat. Their life was made to be hell-like. Today we slap these deadbeats on CD records. Glorify the victims in TV shows, we have girls and boys jumping into the sack with people who already have 5 or 6 kids they are not providing for. All for the instant gratification feeing of sex.

Having sex should be like filling out a contract. You’re giving everything to someone, and risking everything for them as well. Nowadays the mother or father can walk out on the kid at anytime. Quit their job. Live off the government. And what’s the other parent going to do? They aren’t going to abandon their kid too. They are the ones stuck working three jobs. Up late doing homework. Stressing over bills and the health and safety of the kid.

How is this fair?

No man or woman who has abandoned a baby should be receiving a dime from the government. Whether it’s medical, tax money, welfare, if they aren’t working, they money should go to their kids. No exceptions.

Even if the other parent is well off, both parents pay equal. I think the parent who abandoned their kid should have to pay more, but I would settle for equal today.

Deadbeats should be known. We should have a National Deadbeat Registry, where we register anyone who has abandoned their kid. These people who have stopped caring or providing for the life that they created should be held responsible.

I digress, as I feel like I’ve gotten a bit worked up this morning over this topic. I’m just tired of seeing guys and girls in my life stressing over the kids they raise by themselves. Meanwhile the other “life creator” is living at mom and dads, off savings, not paying child support or seeing their kid, happy as a clam on the beach.

And until something drastic changes on how we view sex, the creation of life, and the responsibilities that it entails, we will continue having this issue. Single parents struggling to make ends meet, and our tax dollars going to support the people who abandoned their kids and their families.

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