Locked Up VS Helped

I think locking up drug addicts is wrong.

Before I get into this, this is not a discussion of if addiction is a disease or not. It’s not a discussion on the movement to legalize drugs or the morality and health benefits. So pipe down.

I just think that instead of jail time we need to give them drug users rehab time. Instead of courts we need interventions. I don’t think we should not give government assistance to those on drugs, but I do think those on government assistance abusing drugs should be getting mandatory help to be able to partake in assistance.

The problem with all of this, the issue with drugs is that the individual abusing usually becomes very selfish. They don’t see a problem, or they don’t believe it is anyone else’s business.

They start cutting off anyone that shows they care because they believe they don’t have a problem and don’t need people telling them that they do.

So they turn to those abusing for friendship, furthering their addiction and possibly encouraging heavier drugs. They hurt everyone that cares for them because they get their mind filled with bull dung from their new dope support group. Pulling them out of these crappy support groups is the first step.

But you can’t solve a drug problem with jail. You can’t solve it with stricter laws, More enforcement, or harsher penalties. We, as a society, can’t solve it at all… It’s the people abusing that have to want to get help, to become clean, to be willing to be pulled out of their drug friend groups and put into rehab groups.

We need more support groups, we need more love, more encouraging words to strangers. People turn to drugs for a number of reasons. Maybe they are trying to be cool around friends… Maybe no one accepts them and they go look for a group that does. Drug dealers accept anyone with money.

Maybe if we showed more love to strangers, treated people with a little more respect and realized not everyone is the same as us, not everyone deals with situations the same or has the same support group or friends…

Maybe if we were a little more kind, compassionate and forgiving we could solve the drug problem before it ever starts. Maybe the problem isn’t the person doing the drugs, maybe the issue is what pushed them to do drugs. The environment they live in. The people they are around.

Maybe the problem is us.

Maybe we need to spend more time living our lives. While loving to live our life. And showing that love to others.

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