Negativity Kills People

Negativity kills people.

Now I’m no scientist or researcher, so I don’t have cool graphs or studies to point to that prove my statement only to say that it’s an unproven hypothesis with plenty of circumstantial evidence.

I actually don’t know why people let so much negativity into their life. Whether it’s a significant other, a friend, even a parent or sibling, it’s our responsibility to protect ourselves. The human mind, spirit, soul, can only take so much before it starts to develop irrational thoughts and you start feeling hopeless and depressed.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with cyclothymia, a lesser degree of mood swings than bipolar. I went to counseling, I spoke to the doctor, but he kept focusing on the wrong issues. He kept focusing on what’s wrong with my life, what makes me feel depressed.

In 2011, after a divorce, I was living in a city that I knew absolutely no one. I moved to my windowless basement contemplating suicide. I was surrounded by so much negativity, I couldn’t see the light. I couldn’t figure out how to love living.

And since those nights and days of extreme painful and life ending thoughts and plans, I decided I’m not putting up with negativity in my life, and I’ll be a positive influence to those around me. It was December 29, 2011 when I coined my life’s motto.

Live to love. Love to live.

You have to do both things. You can’t just live life. You can’t just love. If you aren’t keeping an open heart, if you aren’t loving your life, you’re going to end up in a basement or bedroom in the dark crying and depressed.

Because negativity kills people.

You have to protect yourself for the long term from people who make you cry. Who make you feel like less than you deserve. Who put you down. Not only people, but events, responsibilities, choices, and decisions. If you don’t love it, don’t do it, unless you have to. And even then try to make it so you don’t have to do it or at least do it less.

You have to find what you love. Who you love. Who loves you. It’s probably one of the hardest things you can do in life these days, but trust me, it’s so worth the work.

After 7 years of working towards loving to live, I can honestly say I don’t have any negativity in my life. I may have a bad day, something uncontrollable may happen, but I don’t live in or around negativity. I enjoy laughing, making other people laugh, I love to have a good time, and I don’t deal in the world of pettiness, drama, or negativity.

Can you say the same thing?

Live to love, love to live. And if you do feel down, if you’re in that dark space crying and depressed, come to NYC, you have a place to stay, and I promise you’ll leave happier than you arrived.

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