Society is Progressing(?)

Who remembers alarm clocks? Not these fancy smart phone alarm clocks that you set 27 separate times to wake you up by a certain time, then set the days you want it to go off and then never look at it again. I mean ALARM CLOCKS.

The old school, by your bed, your responsibility, 2 settings if you’re lucky, alarm clock. And if you were a really heavy sleeper you had two of them or you set it across the room so you had to get up and turn it off.

They say, they being experts, politicians, social media “stars”, and smarter people than I, that we have progressed as a society. Alarm clocks were too primitive. They are now for cave dwellers and disaster prepers.

But I learned my first sense of self responsibility from having an alarm clock. Setting that clock every night. Making sure it was on AM not PM. Flipping the switch to 1 and making sure the 1 lit up. Making sure that I woke up the next morning and then prepared for school. Little third grade Ryan didn’t want the wrath of his mother for oversleeping, so the alarm clock kept me out of that path of savagery.

A lot of things I look back on taught me quite a bit. I remember before the Internet and learning the true wealth of knowledge. You couldn’t just pull out a phone and do a math equation or look up the capital of South Dakota. You either knew it, or you had to go to a library, yes a library, and very manually look it up in a book.

I remember saving for an entire summer to buy an encyclopedia set, but I only saved $40 and could only buy one lettered book. Ask me anything about an R word and I can probably tell you everything about it and more. I learned the power and value of money.

I remember when the Internet first came out. You had to have a phone line and a computer. A desktop computer hardwired to the wall. The frustration of dialing up AOL only to get a busy signal. Too many people were connected to the Internet on a busy Tuesday night, there was no more room for one more dialer. The patience I learned from constantly being kicked off the Internet by phone calls and people picking up the phone to dial out. Not being able to find the information I was looking for because it did not exist on the Internet, so back to the library I would have to go.

I worry that with “progression” we make it easier. And by making it easier we don’t teach young people the important lessons that they are going to need to know when they grow up. Everything is in the cloud, just show up late, don’t even go break the commitment who cares, I lost my phone oh well it’s only money.

Behaviors I witness every day, people who always have a hand out and don’t seem to know how to take care of themselves or how to value anything else.

If that’s “progression”, then it isn’t for me.

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