I think times have really changed. We’ve become a culture of “me first”. Without true knowledge on how to survive alone. The same people who are saying they were only looking out for number 1 and are tired of being hurt by everyone, are the same people jumping groom relationship to relationship because they don’t know how to actually be alone.

We’ve created a culture of independent dependence. Every one wants to put up an act of tough and being independent, but at the end of the day they are dependent on someone or something to keep that act going.

We mask pain, heartbreak, loss, and bad news. We hide it away and pretend it doesn’t affect us because then it would show our dependence on our friends and family. And bad things don’t happen to other people. We look through our filtered glasses at life on social media, and if all of our friends are living these perfect, happy, fulfilled lives, then we are too. So we hide away our pain.

Life isn’t perfect. Social media isn’t real life. Models don’t go out to a photo shoot for the world to see them with all their imperfections showing. They cover them up, they hide them, they alter their appearance. That’s what people do on social media. They don’t talk about the bad stuff, the pain, the loss, the heartache. They filter their life to what society accepts, rainbows, unicorns, and happy fairy tale endings.

I think at some point, we need to accept that bad things happen. To listen and be there for each other, regardless of what’s in it for you. Regardless of us thinking it is showing weakness. Because I don’t think crying, admiting pain, is weakness, it’s an act of strength a lot of people don’t have. To show vulnerability. To show our human imperfections.

I think if we were willing to admit we are human, we’d have a lot less death. A lot less drug usage. A lot less alcoholics. A lot less suicides.

Because if we can admit were human and need other people for their support and love thru the good times AND THE BAD, people wouldn’t have to mask their pain with alcohol and drugs. People wouldn’t feel inferior and take their own lives.

People would live as they were intended to, with love in their hearts, for everyone, not just themselves.

Just know that I’m here, for the good, and the bad. No matter what.

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