Dream Big

When we are younger we are encouraged to dream. When I was in second grade I wanted to be a veterinarian. I would read National Geographic and encyclopedia records of animals, back when books and magazines were a standard form of media. I was studying, I was training, I was working towards my dreams, even at young age.

You see when we’re young, our dreams are massive. I do not believe anyone dreams of being poor when they are born. I don’t think anyone dreams of being unemployed and living in their mom’s basement. We aren’t born with boundaries, we learn them over time.

Our dreams could fill up an entire building.

But as we get older our surroundings start dwindling our dreams. We start rationalizing our dreams down to the size of a room. When we are young people tell us to dream, they tell us that we can accomplish anything. If we want to be an astronaut we can travel to the moon.

Then as we start getting older the support stops. People start using their own learned realism to bring down our dreams. They start saying things like “The moon is pretty far, maybe you should look into being a pilot”, then “the sky is pretty high, maybe you should keep your feet on the ground, being a plumber is noble.” Or in my case, “being a veterinarian requires a lot of schooling and you just aren’t that smart, maybe you should look into something else”.

Our dreams are killed by people who let their own dreams die. We let the jealous words of others shrink our dreams.

We let other people get in our own head and we start unconsciously rationalizing our dreams away. We dream of being rich when we are kids with the big house, dream car, and no bills… As we get older we start thinking… Big house? Who the heck is gonna clean that house, maybe I’ll just get a smaller house. Dream car? That’s a lot of insurance to pay, maybe I’ll just stick with the mini van… No bills? Who the heck is going to send me mail then?

Don’t let others get in your head. Don’t let your head get in the way of your heart. Don’t rationalize away what you want. I let people get in my head, and I began rationalizing my dreams away. Over time what people told me started to become correct. No, I did not like school. Yes I was an awful test taker. No, I didn’t want to learn the Pythagorean theory or the underlying theme of some play written by William Shakespeare many years ago. I began dreaming smaller.

And what happened was my dreams started to shrink. Maybe I should just become a plumber. Maybe I didn’t have what it took to be rich. Maybe I didn’t need the big house because I hate cleaning. And I did love the rush of seeing what was in the mailbox, no bills meant no mail, no rush.

And as my dreams started to fade away, my effort began to shrink. The A student began to be a C student. An average student. And average students don’t become veterinarians. I was letting other people create my destiny. I was letting small minds shape my dreams.

And small minded people can’t dream big.

We are born with endless possibilities. With no boundaries, no constraints. It’s the people we are surrounded by that we let shrink our dreams. That we let put boundaries on us. Who make our dreams so small that we can put them in a box and carry them with us.

Adult dreamers, successful adults, adults that have made it aren’t the ones constraining our dreams. Why? Because they know anything is possible. They’ve shot for the moon and they’ve made it.

We’re letting the people who abandoned their own dreams talk us into abandoning our own. Because they are jealous and they don’t want to see us accomplish our goals, when they didn’t have what it took to accomplish theirs.

Don’t let small people, crush your big dreams.

Small people can’t think big, they can’t dream big, they can’t see big. If you’re 5’0 you’ll never reach up and touch 8′ without the help of others. And small people aren’t going to help you, they are too small.

We used to dream big. Our leaders used to dream big. Dreaming big was encouraged. In 1962, president John F Kennedy said “We choose to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

On that day in 1962, moon landings were for the movies. There wasn’t any focus, no dream, no idea how to accomplish the goal. But one dreamer put it all on the line and said this is what I want, and I will accomplish my goal. And in seven years, we landed on the moon.

Today, more than ever, we need big dreamers. We need to encourage dreamers. We need people willing to stand up and say “I will cure cancer.” “I will stop world hunger.” “I will make world peace happen.” We need the world dreamers, the big dreamers, and we need to come together to accomplish those big dreams. Not put them down, but build them up and contribute to the goal.

We’re 24 days away from a new year. As we get older time seems to move quicker. And before we know it, 2019 will be here, then we blink and 2020 is knocking at our door. I challenge you to dream big. Write your goals down and the read them every day, multiple times if you have to. Focus on those dreams, know how you are going to reach your goals, and start taking steps in 2019 to reach the moon.

Don’t let the little people in your life talk you out of what you want. And don’t be responsible for squashing other people’s dreams.

Support one another with love and friendship. Build each other up, share in each other’s successes, love living your life, and live loving others. You have what it takes, now go get what you want.

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